Dealing with the issue eco-friendly clothing and textiles addresses a wide range of concerns: health, social accountability, environment, fashion, quality and price are a few relevant issues.  Our website seeks to provide arguments supporting a deliberate decision to buy, trade, produce and talk about eco-friendly clothing and leather and what this means for the people who deal with these issues daily.



IVN is an alliance of more than 70 businesses from all levels of the textile production chain with one common goal: to counter the abuses so frequent within our industry with clearly defined ecologically oriented and socially accountable business practices. Specifically, this is done by defining and implementing internationally valid production standards for eco-friendly textiles and leather as well asby awarding a quality seal for products meeting these standards.

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You are interested in offering certified eco-friendly textiles or are already active in this business?  Then your clients will expect not only quality products but, in addition, the necessary facts and background information to base their decisions on.  We offer you the information you need about textile production ecology as well as offering you help selecting appropriate suppliers for your business.

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'Ecology' – what does this really mean when applied to clothing, textiles or leather?  How can I be assured that my shirt has not been produced with child labor?  What do quality seals such as 'NATURTEXTIL' or 'NATURLEDER' promise and where can I buy products with these labels?

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Your membership in IVN not only makes a statement about your willingness to assume responsibility in this industry; you benefit on many levels as a member of a strong professional association: for example through synergies, new business contacts, technical support, price rebates for certification as well as the public presence of an internationally active organization with an in to the international press.

Stay up to date: internal postings, industry news,  important dates, contact information for members, documents and images for downloading as well as a member exchange listing of surplus stock.

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This service area provides you as an IVN member with the association´s know-how. You will find internal information, news, dates and contacts, documents, presentazios and pictures can be downloaded in this area.

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 You are interested in reporting on eco-friendly clothing, textiles or leather, about the quality seals or our organization?  We are happy to help you! Here you will find information about IVN, our latest press releases, a list of publications and an image archive. You can also download the IVN quality seals in print-quality resolution

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Contacts and specialized information appropriate for schools and  graduate students, pool of relevant graduate theses.

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