A standpoint regarding issues of environment, health, and social accountability is increasingly central to a company's corporate philosophy. Whether motivated by commitment or in response to customer demand, these are pressing issues for both the retail trade and production companies. Here we hope to give you detailed information, support in the transition to new structures, suppliers and networks and perhaps a little inspiration. Should you require specific help, please don't hesitate to contact us !




Certification of eco-friendly products according to IVN standards is a complex procedure. All production stages, from the farmer who grows the fiber, through the spinning mill, the weaving or knitting facility, sewing plant, whether in-house brand or supply chain, must be inspected and certified on site. Nonetheless, this sounds more difficult than it is. Click here for recommendations on how to proceed with certification as well as a list of potential partners who can provide the necessary support. Find out more


Licensing and private label

What are the costs involved in using a IVN quality seal? Who is authorized to use it and how can it be used? Click here for answers to these questions as well as how IVN membership helps.

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Are you interested in joining our effort to further eco-friendly textiles and leather, benefiting from IVN's public image? Click here for the necessary information and forms.

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Database of suppliers

Finding the right partners in a specialized textile chain is often a daunting task. Click here to find out, for example, dyestuff manufacturers who provide information for spinning mills or finishing plants, GOTS certified knitting mills as well as who sews T-shirts.

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Calendar of events

An up-to-date listing of trade fairs, conventions and symposiums dedicated to issues which concern us.

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