Organic foods, natural cosmetics, and sustainable building materials are a fact of our lives.  The same is true for eco-friendly textiles. To opt for eco-friendly textiles or leather is more than environmental activism.  With these products you buy a piece of health, as well as assuring yourself that neither workers nor animals suffer unduly in their production.  Eco-friendly fashion gains added value thanks to a better fit and long-life durability.  There are many reasons to opt for  authentic eco-friendly textiles and leather.


Finding the way through quality seals and laws

The 3 IVN quality seals, NATURTEXTIL, NATURLEDER and GOTS, are distinguished by stringent ecological, social accountability and quality standards.  But other standards exist.  Not only do German and EC law address aspects of textile production.  A number of organizations have set up their own guidelines.  Here an overview with facts, comparisons and evaluations.

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Sourcing for consumers

Where can products with an IVN quality seal be found?.  Whether you prefer to browse in specialty stores, catalogues or the internet, click here to find the right addresses for you.

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Facts about textiles

In order to make a reasoned decision about what is best for you, you need information.  What do words like eco-friendly textiles or organic leather mean?  What is the environmental price of conventionally produced clothing?  What special care do natural fibers require?

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Calendar of events

Do you feel you need more than the internet?  Would you like to see, feel, experience eco-friendly products yourself?  Are you interested in answers to your personal questions?  Perhaps one of the many events listed here is right for you.

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