High Quality

Regardless of the product, textile and leather goods undergo wear and tear and come into direct contact with our skin. Therefore high standards regarding fashion statement,  raw material, workmanship, ease of care, fit and freedom from pollutants apply to both eco-friendly and conventionally produced goods. Our goal is to produce products that meet these high standards in addition to their ecological advantages.

We have developed standards for textiles and leather products to enable you as consumer to readily identify whether the product you have selected is of high quality.  Our particular emphasis is of course on ecological production.  For you, that translates into the assurance that our textiles and leather products are free of hazardous substances and therefore not dangerous to your health.  Products which contain hazardous substances can transmit these to your body through friction while wearing or these substances can be released by washing or through sweat.

Natural fibers or natural leather are inherently high quality materials.  They are durable and offer breathability and comfort in wearing.  In addition to these benefits, IVN standards specify strict quality parameters which quantify certain characteristics of textile and leather goods so that these can be measured.

No one wants to purchase clothing that bleeds in washing, shrinks, fades or colors your skin.  To prevent this, textiles are tested for color fastness to rubbing, to sweat, to light, to washing and to saliva, and shrinkage.

Nor do consumers want hard and brittle belts or shoes that lose color, break open at the seams or make feet sweat.  That is why IVN certified leather goods are tested for fastness to light, rubbing, tensile strength, suppleness and permeability.

Find out the exact parameters by reading our guidelines. 
These can be requested through our business office ( see contacts).