Since its inception, the primary goal of the IVN has been to increase awareness of and knowledge about eco-friendly textiles among consumers, the media and the industry. The assumption is that, by knowing more about ecological interrelationships, consumers will be predisposed towards natural fiber textiles. To this end, the quality of eco-friendly textiles plays a significant role. Quality is the convincing factor.

The first step towards this goal was to define and establish a quality standard that not only incorporates ecological and social standards of production but also sets high standards for the finished product itself. Products with the quality seal NATURTEXTIL demonstrate that it is eminently possible to produce modern, eco-friendly, socially responsible and high quality textiles. Since then, IVN has continued to broaden its scope. A new quality seal – NATURLEDER – was developed. Products meeting this standard are now on the market. New and evolving issues such as the carbon footprint, new standards of socially responsible production, animal rights or allergy potential continue to be addressed.

An increasingly significant part of the association's work involves support services to member firms, issuing press releases, PR work, establishing industry networks, product databanks as well as consultation for product certification.