Why Become a Member of IVN ?

More and more consumers are demanding textiles that are certifiably produced according to ecological and socially acceptable standards.  Your membership demonstrates that you take this issue seriously.

The quality seal Naturtextil is recognized throughout Europe as the most comprehensive and   stringent standard for eco-friendly textiles.  The process of developing guidelines and the experience of certification has brought IVN a unique competence along the entire textile chain.  This competence is an asset available to you as a member.

Working together with other businesses significantly improves the chances of attracting the attention of press and politics as well as of reaching consumers through events or information. The PR, advertising and political lobbying IVN does, it does for you!

IVN's leading role initiating the Global Organic Textile Standard makes the association, and by extension its members, global players.

IVN works to achieve respect for our environment, to preserve resources, to further social accountability and animal protection.  Your membership supports this work.

The diverse membership of this professional association allows you to find suppliers, clients and partners who pursue similar goals.

You would like to become a member?  Very simple: Here is the application form as well as all other relevant information, for example the membership dues and association statues.

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IVN - Application for Membership
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Finacing System

membership an license fees

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Becoming an IVN Member
information brochure
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