Goals / Business

IVN's overriding goal is to build awareness for the benefits of eco-friendly textile and leather products, sharing our conviction of the importance and significance of a deliberate selection of these products.

This goal requires first and foremost a definition of “eco-friendly”, a concept which is not a legally binding term. The word „natural“ as regards textiles or leather is often a very loose description.  In contrast, IVN has defined strict quality standards for its members and their work.  These standards highlight the difference vs conventional production at the same time as they inform about issues of environmental protection, human rights, health risks and quality distinctions.

Another goal of IVN is to support research and developments.  In IVN's 20 years of existence,  hippie chic has evolved into high fashion.  Today eco-friendly textiles need not shy any comparison on the basis of wearability, fit or fashion statement.

By lobbying in various political arenas, IVN encourages political action and works to establish its standards in pertinent legislation.

An important aspect of IVN's goals is to further awareness of how important sustainability and how dangerous excessive consumption is.  In consequence, IVN supports initiatives within the textile industry that deal with issues of sustainability and social responsibility.

Naturally, in addition to these goals, IVN works to support the interests of its members.  One specific form of support is factual information, consultation and further education as well as cooperation within the association.

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