The Organizational Structure of IVN

The success of any organization depends on its members.  This is true for IVN as well.  Therefore the membership assembly stands above all committees as the primary decision making body.  A regular membership assembly is summoned once a year.  The fact that these membership assemblies are organized in conjunction  with both social and information programs as well as coordinated with professional conferences is surely one reason why so many members participate.

The membership assembly votes all other committees into office for a period of 2 years.  These are, specifically, the Board of Directors, the Guidelines Committee and the Regulatory Committee.

Since 2006, IVN maintains a business office to support the activities of its committees.

IVN´s Board Of Directors

is responsible for all issues and business not delegated to the membership assembly or its committees.  It is responsible for running the Association's business.

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IVN´s Technical Committee

is responsible for defining, implementing and updating IVN's production standards for eco-friendly textiles and leather.  The guidelines committee regularly reviews and updates the guidelines based on newest technical developments.

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IVN´s Regulatory Committee

supervises compliance with IVN standards among certified businesses and determines appropriate action in the case of noncompliance.

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IVN´s Business Office

coordinates the activities of each committee and helps to implement decisions.

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