Promotion Material

Consumers more and more are interested in the ecological and social background of textile and leather products. In future the IVN gradually provides promotion material for retailers.

The listed files can either be download by clicking the coloured field in the right column or you can request a printed copy. Retailers are welcome to orderseveral pieces for their clients.If you kindly send us an eMail with the necessary information (address, brochure name and desired copies) we will send you the brochures by post free of charge.

Forthcoming youwill find new flyers about textile dying and a poster about textile ecology in this area.




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The Quality Seals of IVN
basic information for a first overview
2. 12. 2008 pdf-file
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Welcome to iVN
everything about an IVN membership
2. 12. 2008 pdf-file
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