Quality Seals

Leather and textiles that are made into clothing have always been an important aspect of our culture.  They are economic factors, means of communication and further our wellbeing.  They can also make us sick, pollute our environment or dramatically reduce the quality of life for people who work with them.
As a result, more and more people opt for eco-friendly textiles and leather goods. 

The two IVN quality seals „Naturtextil IVN certified BEST“ and „Naturleder IVN certified”, in addition to the „Global Organic Textile Standard“ were developed in order to provide consumers with a definition of what eco-friendly textiles and leather mean and to readily communicate whether the product they have in hand meets these criterion.



Naturtextil IVN certified BEST

This quality seal, best known within Europe, sets the strictest ecological standard for textile production at the highest technical level currently feasible.  BEST reflects the standards for eco-friendly textiles developed by  Internationalen Verband der Naturtextilwirtschaft e.V. (IVN) since 1990 and reviews the entire textile production chain both in terms of ecological standards and in terms of social accountability.

BEST standard



Naturleder IVN certified

Naturleder ist the newest IVN standard.  Work was begun on this standard in 2001; currently the first businesses are undergoing certification. This is the only standard for eco-friendly leather products in Europe.  You can rest assured that all products certified with this standard offer a high level of ecology and quality.

leather standard

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

According to IVN, this is the minimum standard that distinguishes eco-friendly textiles:  an internationally established seal that sets benchmarks for environmental issues and socially accountable production.


Double Safety

The fact that all products with our quality seal are obligated to undergo a two-tiered certification inspection offers you as a consumer a double assurance.

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High Quality

Regardless whether it concerns bed and bath linens,  footwear or clothing, textile and leather goods undergo wear and tear and come into direct contact with our skin.   Therefore high standards concerning fashion statement,  raw material, workmanship, ease of care, fit and freedom from pollutants must apply equally to eco-friendly and conventionally produced goods.

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