Double Safety

IVN members place the utmost emphasis on offering consumers a reliable assurance of high quality. IVN products, in addition to having been produced with respect for our environment and in accordance with socially accountable business practices, are tested as regards potential health hazards in the finished product.  The quality seals  NATURTEXTIL, NATURLEDER and G.O.T.S. offer the assurance of a double certification process.

First step: the entire production chain is inspected.  In practice, this requires the inspectors of our independent certifiers to visit all businesses in any way involved in the production process.  These businesses are inspected as per our requirements.  Their methodology and flow of goods is documented.  From the spinner to the weaver, the finishing agent, the sewing manufacturer, dyer and producers, all  are strictly inspected according to our guidelines, no matter where they are.  All certifiers we use are themselves ISO certified.

If the product is produced only in certified production facilities, the first step towards certification is accomplished.  However, to make really sure that a product contains no harmful substances, it undergoes a separate testing for residues.  Only if these results also meet IVN requirements is the product certified and can be labeled with the appropriate quality seal.

Double assurance for the consumer.